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"error occurred: cannot open new file".

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When I try to audio paste a new sample the message appears: Error occurred, can't open new file for writing, can't create new file.  Why is this happening and how can I stop it?
asked Apr 3, 2013 in Mobile iOS by anonymous
recategorized Apr 4, 2013 by Admin

1 Answer

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I'm not sure what the steps you're taking to do the audio paste. But if you have something audio copy from another app, you should go to the Manage sounds page (Setup->Manage Sounds) and select "Audio Paste". It should prompt you for a filename, and after you have set one click "OK" to have your sample available for Reactable Mobile.

I tested it on our devices here and it works. Can you tell me what are the steps you're following to get this error?
answered Apr 3, 2013 by Andrés (5,070 points)
Yes I choose setup-manage sounds- audio paste. I've pasted one sample so far so it has worked in the past, but now I get an error message. Perhaps it's a glitch in the app? I was really hoping not to have to delete and relaunch it :/
Audio Copy uses the clipboard to (redundancy alert) copy/paste audio. Are you able to paste it somewhere else? is it just reactable mobile? When I tried it yesterday I pasted 6 files in different folders.

The only other question is: do you have enough space on your device to create this file?
Maybe some data got corrupted. try force closing the app, and starting it again, as per these instructions, i don't think you need to delete/install the app. We'll keep trying to reproduce this bug in the meantime, thank you for the feedback, hopefully we will find a solution to this, if it's actually a bug in the code.

I have 23% capacity available. I'm just pasting brief loops. I've tried pasting from several app sources. The other apps all copy and paste fine amongst each other. It's just reactable. I don't understand it... Also, now every time I go to the reactable community page it instantly crashes. I'm using iPhone 4S version 6.1.2 and my reactable app is fully updated.