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Why does reactable keep crashing??

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I have and iPad 2 (where I first started using reactable) and just installed reactable on my iPhone 4S to see if it would still crash on my phone. I can't even use the table for more than 4 minutes before it crashes on both devices. I finally have time to play with this awesome app and it keeps crashing!! Please fix it reactable is awesome.

asked Mar 18, 2013 in Mobile iOS by anonymous
recategorized Apr 4, 2013 by Admin

1 Answer

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Can you comment a little what you are doing at the time it crashes? are you using the latest version of the software?

Thank you for the kind comments and if you provide us with a little more detail we'll do our best to address your problem.

answered Mar 18, 2013 by Andrés (5,030 points)