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Why isn't Reactable Audiobus EFFECTS slot compatible?

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Great app. Thanks for implementing Audiobus support, but I feel you may have missed an opportunity. With Reactable's input module, I can feed audio into Reactable from the iPad mic or line in. In the Audiobus input slot, I can then manipulate and record the result in other apps. In the Audiobus output slot, I can feed another app's output into the Reactable input module and manipulate it in Reactable, but I CAN'T use another app, eg  Cubasis, to record the result. In order to do that, Reactable would need to be Audiobus effects slot compatible.

Any chance you guys can make this happen in the next update please?


asked Mar 7, 2013 in Mobile iOS by anonymous
recategorized Apr 4, 2013 by Admin

1 Answer

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Thanks for the suggestion and the feedback on the app. Audiobus is a new feature and as such we thought initially that we belonged in the Input/Output category.

Can't promise that it will be done, but we'll definitely look into adding this feature.


answered Mar 7, 2013 by Andrés (5,030 points)
Thanks for your quick response. I think the most flexible solution would be to support all three slots. There are one or two apps that have done this where it was appropriate.