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Bitcrushing Sounds on Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

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Hey Guys,

i installed Reactable on my Smartphone - but what came out is anything but music. I can hear only Bitcrushing sounds. The App works, you can move and put the stones, download and load tables - everything is ok, but not the audiooutput...

i tried to stopp all apps via taskmanager, restarting, uninstalling and new installing....nothing works....how we can handle this?


Sincerely Elektrowerkstatt

asked Sep 19, 2013 in Reactable Artist by anonymous

1 Answer

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We do not know why this happens on some Galaxy S3. The strange thing is that it does not happen on our Testdevice which is a Samsung S3 with Android 2.1.4

One person could solve the problem by shutting down some background services.


It might be related to some app which is running in the background. You can see the Apps running at

"Application Manager" -> "Running"

Please let us know if you have any success.

answered Sep 19, 2013 by reactable (1,940 points)