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Sample object limit.

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I realize there is a limit to how many samples objects you can use. Is there any way to add one or two more?

 I bought the Gui Boratto  pack as well, and I saw that he had more than 4 objects. I can even use the extra sample objects within the gui boratto app.  

Adding a few more sample objects would greatly improve the incentive to continue using and promoting your product!
I have some very interesting live set-up ideas and I hope you can meet me in the middle!
asked Jul 11, 2013 in Mobile iOS by SaveDave (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Dave:

The Gui Boratto app was a custom made and thus it had different properties.

For now there's no plan to increase the number of loop objects or sample slots in the Mobile version; however, there's some interesting updates that hopefully you will find very useful.

Whatever ideas you have you may reach us with the contact form in the support page of our website. We always welcome fresh ideas.



answered Jul 23, 2013 by Andrés (5,070 points)