ROTOR and Reactable Mobile are both based in a similar modular approach, inherited from their tabletop mother, the reactable. That said, ROTOR presents many improvements from the Reactable Mobile version. These can be summarized as:

  • Support for tangible ROTOR controllers.
  • Redesigned User Interaction and User Interface optimized for the iPad, that result in a faster and more intuitive workflow, allowing to change any setting, control any parameter, etc., without interrupting the performance and the creative flow.
  • ROTOR provides real-time automatic tonality detection features not available in any other iOS app. ROTOR analyses loops on the fly for extracting their key/tonality, and combines with its time-stretching/pitch shifting capabilities, for guaranteeing that all simultaneous loops and wavefiles will always in sync and in key between them.
  • While both apps are specially designed for live performance, ROTOR new synchronization and recording features are specially tailored for the fast and seamless creation of loops, to be further imported into any other music application.
  • Improved MIDI, Ableton Link and Audiobus support, makes it easier to run it in parallel with other music apps, on the same device or on other iPads/laptops.
  • Improved sound generators and effects, plus new ones such as Beat Repeat.
  • ROTOR comes with 100+ of high-quality loops by professional EDM producers.
  • Contextual help, extensive interactive documentation and abundant demo material, that makes ROTOR much easy to learn and master.