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ROTOR Controllers Set

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With this pair of ROTOR controllers, you will be able to control 2 virtual ROTOR modules simultaneously. Each controller behaves as a moveable knob that can be placed on top of any virtual sound module or any 2D panel, providing an optimized and extended control experience!

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What comes with the ROTOR controller set?

You get 2 controllers nicely packed in a metal box. Each controller is a 2 cm height and 2 cm diameter cylinder (0.79 x 0.79 inches).

Will these ROTOR controllers work with any iPad?

These ROTOR controllers have been specifically designed for 9.7” and 8” iPads. Their performance will be suboptimal on the 12” iPad pro. A new set of controllers specially designed for the 12” iPad Pro will come soon.

Our new version of the ROTOR controllers now supports every iPad screen size.

How long will I have to wait for receiving the controllers?

Delivery time will vary depending on your location. We ship daily using MailBoxes express service.

Estimated times: Europe 3-5 days, USA & Canada 5-7 days, South & Central America 6-8 days, Middle East 6-7 days, Asia 6-10 days, Africa 6-7 days. Please direct enquiries about shipping to other destinations to

Can I use the ROTOR controllers with a screen protector?

Many screen protectors will degrade the performance of the ROTOR controllers. We  therefore recommend to avoid any screen protector.

Can I use more than 2 ROTOR controllers simultaneously?

Each ROTOR set comes with 2 controllers, and the ROTOR app interaction has been optimized for this number, typically holding one controller in each hand. The controllers can also be left untouched on the iPad surface, but they will not be detected until they are touched. That said, your iPad should be able to track up to 6 simultaneously touched controllers, so using more than 2 controllers could make sense if you envisage a “4 or 6 hands” ROTOR music performance!

I want to buy the ROTOR controllers but I still don’t have the ROTOR app. Is the app included with the controllers?

No, the ROTOR app has to be purchased separately at the AppStore.

Which ROTOR app software version do I need?

The minimum working version is 1.3.1. Before this version, the controllers will not work properly. We are constantly improving the responsiveness and features of the controllers, so we recommend you to keep your app always updated.

Can I use the ROTOR app without the controllers?

Definitely. The controllers provide an extended and enhanced control experience, and while some extra features are only available when using them, the app is fully operational without the controllers.

ROTOR app + ROTOR controllers = mini-Reactable?

Yes and no. In the Reactable, each virtual synth module is permanently linked to a physical puck and vice versa. Because the iPad screen size is much smaller, and because it can only track a limited number of pucks, ROTOR controllers are not permanently linked to virtual modules, but behave instead like handlers that can temporarily act on any of these sound modules. That said, the ROTOR controllers represent the closer you can get on an iPad, to the Reactable tangible music experience that captivated musicians such as Björk or Coldplay. Moreover, with the controllers and the ROTOR app, your iPad will also feel closer to a real hardware modular synth than ever!

Will these ROTOR controllers work with any iOS app other than ROTOR?

The ROTOR controllers have been specifically designed for the ROTOR app. While the ROTOR controllers might be detected by other apps, their effect on them cannot be foreseen.