Song Settings

Global Controller

This object is used to change the global parameters of the table like the current tempo and the background color.


Rotating the object changes the table tempo. The number of beats per minute (BPMs) is shown every time the value changes.

Song Selector

Rotating the object changes the current table configuration. The configurations of Songs are stored in the "Documents/ Reactable/ rtp/ SessionTitle.rtp/" folder.



Controls the tempo of the table.

Patch Selector

Changes the active table configuration or "patch". To save or load the patches the "Load/Save" panel must be used.

Table Background

Controls the background color and image.


Session Change

Changes the current session. A Reactable session is a collection of patches. More info

Patch Load/Save

Saves or loads the currently selected patch. A patch stores the configuration and status of all the objects.

Background Color

The background color of the table defined in Red, Green and Blue values.

Background Image

Changes the background image. The images should be stored in the "Documents" folder of the Application. More info

Song Selector

The Song Selector is used to switch between different table presets without stopping the sound generation. This way the Reactable performance can last as long as the user wishes without interruption. When switching between songs all the objects which are on the table will retain their settings, and these will only switch to the new setting when they are removed from the table and put back again.

The Set Selector Panel

The Song selector has 2 subpanels. The first one is used to select the current set. A set is a collection of "rtp" files in a directory. The directory has the extension ".rtp". In the first subpanel all the directories in the Sessions folder (Documents/Reactable/Sessions on Mac) can be selected. As soon as a set is loaded, the system shows how many table presets are in the directory.

The Load/Save panel

The current table preset is selected by turning the object. The preset name will show on the screen. With the "Load" button this preset can be loaded, with the "Save" button the current setup will be stored to the preset. One preset per "rtp" file will be shown. If one needs more presets it is possible to copy a rtp file and give it the name of the preset in the Filemanager (Finder) application.