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Every sound is bit-crushed on my Samsung S3 Android 4.1.2

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I have Reactable for over 1 year now on my I pad and it's works Great!!


But now I've downloaded reactable on my samsung S3 and EVERY sound(standerd tables and own samples) is like i'ts bit-crushed and very downtempo tempo is so low that it's cracking..

Please Help me I need reactable on my phone becouse it's so great!!!!


asked Apr 1, 2013 in Mobile Android by greg (120 points)
recategorized Apr 4, 2013 by Admin

1 Answer

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A solution to the problem seems to stop all background processes before starting Reactable mobile on S3 Android. We still have to figure out which service exactly causes the problem.



Hi Greg,

It seems that you are not the only one with this problem. For what we know so far it occurs on Samsung S3, but on the Samsung S3 which we have for testing the problem does not happen. So maybe there are some devices out there with a slightly different hardware or software version. Or maybe the problem is triggered by a specific setting or by some software running in the background.

In any case, we are working on it, but it is not easy for us to fix as we can not yet reproduce the problem.


answered Apr 1, 2013 by reactable (1,940 points)
edited Apr 4, 2013 by reactable
Thanx for the quick reply Gunther!!

I will also try to look in  the s3..  like you said maybe  some software running in the background..
I hope it will be fixed soon...
greets geg
Hey Gunter
Good news
I've found that you can stop all background processes of all your apps when working with reactable...(or any other kind of app) this solved everything...
greets greg
Hi Greg,
Thats good news. I have the feeling that it is a specific background process which triggers the problem. We are going to make more tests and hopefully we find out which service causes the problem.