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Rental Plan

If you are interested in trying out our instruments or want to use them for an event, our monthly rental plan is the best way to do it. And if you decide to purchase the Reactable afterwards, we will just deduct the rental and the return shipping cost out of the price.

How do I rent it.

You just need to contact us here and we will send you information about everything you need to know.

Monthly Rental


Weekly Rental




EU Delivery


US Delivery *




• Delivery costs varies depending on destination country.
• Depending on your bank, you may incur a currency exchange fee.
• For other countries please contact us at
* You may incur import duty charges depending on your location. You will need to pay these to DHL on receipt of goods.

The Small Print (It's the same size by the way :)

Credit card used for rental payment must be registered to the delivery address and must have a minimum of four months remaining to expiry date.
Initial rental payment includes the cost of first month rental, delivery, collection and administration.
A further two rental payments will be charged at the beginning of month two and month three.
The rental is for a monthly month period. There is no option to cut short this period and all three payments will be charged, even if the instrument is returned early.
The agreement start date will be the date of shipping and the expiry date will be one calendar months after that.
Goods remain the property of Reactable Systems, S.L. for the rental duration and until such time that the instrument is purchased in full.
Renter must retain packaging as it will be required on collection.
Shipping insurance covers dispatch and collection only.
Renter acknowledges responsibility for loss or damage from the point of delivery up until it has been collected. Renter is responsible for all costs including repair or replacement during this time.
The rental is for use only by the named renter and cannot be passed on to any third party.
Renter must return the instrument in the same condition and with the same accessories as provided at the time of delivery, excepting fair wear and tear.
Reactable Systems, S.L. will contact Renter a week prior to the rental expiry to make arrangements for collection or purchase. Relevant contact details given at the time of rental must be accurate for that purpose. Any change in contact details must immediately be communicated by Renter to Reactable Systems, S.L.
If Reactable Systems, S.L. Ltd is unable to contact Renter and Renter has not contacted Reactable Systems, S.L. by the end of the rental period, Renter agrees that a 2 additional months of rent will be charged to his credit card, the process will take immediate effect and Renter's credit card will be charged with the balance due.
Renter has access to the latest Reactable software and support
If Renter purchases following a 1 month rental, the remaining eleven months warranty and standard software subscription is included from the date of purchase.
If for any reason the instrument fails under warranty, Reactable Systems, S.L. will provide a replacement and re-start the rental period from the date the fault was reported.
Renter agrees to make the instrument available for collection at the expiry of the rental during normal FedEx collection hours. Any major delays due to cancellation on Renter's part may incur additional charges.
The rental agreement is not a sales contract and does not give the Renter any right to purchase the instrument.