Reactable Live!

The Reactable Live! is a computer music instrument with a revolutionary interface and innovative sound and visualisation technologies. It makes performance of live electronic music a visual and interactive experience and allows the player to have complete control over the music that is generated and permits the audience to follow each step of the performer.

The Reactable is based on the concept of modular synthesizers. It consists of several transparent blocks each of which represents a different processing module. By putting these objects on the table surface the modules are activated and their state is visualized on the table screen. Parameters of the sound processing modules can be changed by rotating them and through touch gestures on the table surface.

This makes it possible to have exact control over parameters and to change several at the same time. It is possible for more people to play the Reactable simultaneously. When a camera is put above the table and its image projected to a screen all of the interaction of the musician can be seen by the audience.