Importing and Storing

Reactable Live!

The Reactable is highly configurable and the musicians can customize it to their needs. Each of the configurations can be saved in a Reactable Set.

Reactable Tables and Sessions

A Reactable "Table" consists of all the settings of the Reactable at a specific moment. It is like a snapshot of the state of the table. This snapshot includes all the envelopes, effect settings or sequences as well as the soundfiles and sampled instruments currently used. Tables can be changed with the Song Selector object or through the GUI application.

A Reactable Session is a collection of various Tables. It is possible to change between Tables within one session as well as changing between different sessions while playing.

Samples Folder

You can import your own sound samples by placing them in the Reactable Samples folder.

The Reactable Samples folder is in Documents/Reactable/Samples. You can create subfolder as you like.

In order to be able to import your sound files into the Reactable they have to be in wav format. If your material is in a different format you can use iTunes to convert it before copying it to the Reacable Documents folder.

The Sessions Folder

The Reactable Tables and Sessions are stored in the Sessions folder. As Session is basically a directory with various Tables and the extension ".rtp" in the directoryname.

The Soundfonts and Instruments folder

The sampled instrument format is SoundFont 2 or the Reactable "RIN" format. You can use one soundfont in a session. Using the RIN format is recommended.

Soundfonts are stored in the Soundfonts folder, RIN are stored in the Instruments folder. Please note that the RIN format is not selfcontained, you still need the samples in the Samples folder for them to work.