Elo The Source

"I Come To Live My Dreams And Kill My Nightmares".....Elo The Source

Alternative / Electronica / Metal / Blues / Hip Hop / Master Of Ceremonies


Elo The Source is a Electronic Musician/Music Producer/Audio-Engineer/Mix Engineer/Songwriter/Composer (BMI) & PRS Music (UK) With (Credits with Indie Artist in The UK & US & short film Elo has been noted for his innovative sound and commitment to originality. Elo's Music Influences are Electronica , Alternative Funk,Soul,Metal.Rock,Dub,Hiphop,Blues

Specialties Skill:

Music Publisher, Music Producer, Composer Bass Player , Keyboard Player , Drummer. Remix , Mixing , Sound Design , Electronic Musician , Audio Editing
Manipulator of Sound ,9YNE MIND

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